About Me

My name is Tom Daly.  I am a native New Orleanian who moved to Austin with my wife and children in late 2005 and then back to New Orleans in 2010.  In April of 2001, I co-founded Hartwig Moss Benefits with an established local P&C agency – Hartwig Moss Insurance Agency.  In 2011, I acquired my partner’s interest in Hartwig Moss Benefits, LLC and renamed the entity HM Benefits, LLC.  In 2012, I started Benefit Administration Group, LLC as an entity to bundle and separate all of the non-insurance products and services we offer our clients from the traditional brokerage services still provided under HM Benefits.

We have about 165 employer clients, licenses and clients in almost every state, and every tool and resource imaginable to service these clients.  As the group health insurance market becomes increasingly more complex and regulated, these resources will be extremely valuable for our clients.

I have been a licensed insurance agent for over 24 years – spending my early years working for large national insurance companies like Allstate, Unum and Prudential.  As an independent benefits consultant, I work closely with employer groups to strategically design and creatively communicate comprehensive benefit plans. I love connecting with others and helping them evaluate complicated options in an effort to achieve their business goals.  In my spare time, I enjoy playing golf and tennis and playing with gadgets and technology.