Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for HR!

The New Year is always a time for fresh starts and forward thinking resolutions.  Here are a few HR Resolutions for 2016:

5.  Eliminate/Reduce use of paper for things like employee notices and enrollment forms.  Compared to stone tablets, paper was a game-changer.  But, in today’s world, it is NOT the best means to deliver mandatory notices or request information from employees.  There is (and has been) a better way.  It is time to embrace it.

4.  Develop at least one HR Metric to track to measure success.  This is one of those goals that can meet you where you are.  If you currently do not track anything related to HR, maybe keeping an eye on something relatively easy to calculate like turnover or average length of service is a good start.  If you are already metric-rich as an organization, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and determine what result would most impact your organization.  Focus on your burning question and a metric can be built for you.

3.  Increase networking and learning opportunities.  HR people, by the nature of their profession, are generally good at networking (know lots of experts in various/related fields) and like to learn new things (which is a good thing given all that has been thrown at HR in the lats 3 years).  But, HR people who are not consistently networking with their peers and professional support network AND learning something new regularly CANNOT keep up with the pace of change in 2016 and beyond.  Networking is about personal connections and contacts.  Though LinkedIn and other social networking sites can accelerate the number of connections, they are not a substitute for personal interaction.

2.  Embrace new means of communicating with Millenials and Gen Z’ers.  This may be about WAY more than communication and is probably worthy of more than 1 resolution.  But, this is where you need to start.  From a recent article – “In 2020, Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) will make up nearly half of the workforce and 20 million members of Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2010) will start their careers.”  That is a big deal and relying solely on traditional means of communication will not get your point across appropriately.  Mobile and web-native communication technology will be a must, and is certainly worthy of some focus from HR.

1.  Get your IT together.  With all of your new, post-ACA HR jobs – Compliance Management, Hours Tracking, Notifications, 1095 Reporting,. etc. – it is time to make friends with someone in your company (or a trusted outside resource) that can help you gather, configure, push and pull data from multiple systems.  This includes HRIS, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Recruiting, Insurance Carrier, Administrative Vendor, etc.  Though data is commonly shared between these parties, you are the one someone will come to when the data does not flow properly.  Automatically sharing data between third parties can be tricky and if something goes wrong, they always point at the other one – while you still have an issue to solve.


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