10 Things to Buy with $695

(Instead of paying the federal penalty in 2016 for having no health insurance)

  1. About 7 years and 2 months of Netflix
  2. 330 Sucre signature macaroons
  3. A 500-mile Uber ride
  4. 2 Dat Dog beef or pork dogs a week for the next year
  5. A Tropical Isle Hand Grenade for you and 90 of your closest friends
  6. 1478 rolls of toilet paper
  7. Over 100 burgers from Five Guys plus all the peanuts you can eat
  8. 2 Saints tickets for this Sunday and about 11 overpriced beers in the Superdome
  9. 388 Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell
  10. Approximately 115 Old Fashioneds at Cure during happy hour

…or you could always go for a backyard roller coaster.


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