Improving the Consumer Experience at

At Benefit Administration Group, it is all about people and personal service.  Buying health insurance can be confusing and bad decisions can be costly.  We think it is important to have trained Application Counselors available to our clients.  If you don’t want to go it alone, we are happy to help.

Let’s take a look at some of the things has been up to (from a recent email blast)!

“Over the last few months, our team has been hard at work, applying lessons learned and taking steps to make enrollment quicker and smoother for both returning and new customers.”

Hey, what do ya know? Us too! What a coincidence.

“Directions, buttons, and page designs were improved to better communicate information and next steps to people visiting the website.”

Brains, words, and conversations are being used to better communicate information at BAG.

“New information has been added to the website to help each consumer understand exactly where they are in the enrollment process and what steps remain.”

Well, no new information to be added here. The Account Manager is fully equipped with information and works for each consumer to stay on top of the enrollment process and ensure that the time-sensitive steps are completed.

When returning consumers come back to, they will be able to easily find their current plan if it is available again for next year and compare it with other available plans in their area without having to manually search by entering a 14-digit plan identification number.”

Something in common! We will not have you manually searching for plans with a 14-digit ID number either. BAG hand picks the best available plans for you, presents your renewal options, and weighs the choices with you first-hand.

“Improvements to our information technology infrastructure and “back end” have enhanced the website’s stability and performance compared to last year and will provide a faster and smoother experience for consumers when they visit the website.”

As far as our stability and performance goes, it’s guaranteed that we won’t “crash” in the middle of the process.

“We’ve made simplifications to our system that resulted in a reduction of hardware on the website by 40 percent. While visitors to the website will not see evidence of these improvements on their computer screen, users should find the website to be faster and more responsive than previous years.”

No need to simplify our system… just people helping people. More responsive than your computer, and visitors will definitely see the evidence.


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