The Health Insurance Players – July 2015

With the SCOTUS challenge now behind us, it looks like it is time to make a deal – Obamacare ruling greenlights Aetna-Humana dealmaking

Since the landscape of competitors in the publicly traded health insurance industry may change as early as this weekend, I thought it was a good time to post this info and look back on it in a year or two.

Here are the health insurance players and what they are worth (market cap) today:

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated [UNH] $114.5 B
Anthem, Inc. Common Stock [ANTM] $45.2 B
Aetna Inc. Common Stock [AET] $43.3 B
Cigna Corporation Common Stock [CI] $41.8 B
Humana Inc. Common Stock [HUM] $28.4 B

It will be interesting to see who is left from this list in a few years, if there are any new players, and what happens to their value over time.

Stay tuned!


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