Exchange Notices – What EVERY employer needs to do by October 1st!

By October 1, 2013, EVERY employer (1 employee and up) must provide employees written notice about the new health care Exchanges. The ability for the employee to afford coverage in the Exchange will vary based on a number of factors and generate many new questions from employees.

Will you be prepared to answer these employee questions:
– Will I be eligible for insurance on the Exchange?
– How does our group plan (if one is offered) compare to what is available on the Exchange?
– What kind of plans are going to be offered?
– Where should I go to find out more information?

This webinar for an up-to-date review of the Exchanges and its impact on employers trying to comply with the ACA.

– Review the latest updates on the status of Exchanges
– Examine Exchange Notices and who needs to have them
– Analyze how Exchanges will impact employers

Here are a few of the links I mentioned I would forward:

This is the Model Exchange Notice for Employers who provide plans –

This is the Minimum Value Calculator

This is the Kaiser Subsidy Calculator –

As for distribution option question (directly from the DOL):

The notice must be provided in writing in a manner calculated to be understood by the average employee. It may be provided by first-class mail. Alternatively, it may be provided electronically if the requirements of the Department of Labor’s electronic disclosure safe harbor at 29 CFR 2520.104b-1(c) are met.


Here is a link to our updated website.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


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