Great post by Quinn Jones

“Pay or Play” is a common phase that has emerged regarding employers’ compliance with Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; “Pay” simply means to pay a penalty for Not offering health  insurance, while “Play” means to offer all eligible employees’ “affordable” health insurance.

Let me tweak this Phrase a bit by adding the following term: AVOID.

Avoidance strategies will only be applicable to a certain group of employers – those who are reasonably close to having fewer than 50 employees.  Reasonably is of course a relative term that will mean different things to different employers.

The Law of Unintended Consequences will almost certainly be in full effect come January 1, 2014, but it is also likely to start immediately after the election, assuming Obama wins.  Here are some ideas, not necessarily condoned by this author, that nonetheless will probably be utilized by employers wishing to “Avoid” penalties and compliance altogether.

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