Benefit Advisory Group Is Your Local ProSential Group Office

Transforming HR & Benefits

We are now part of ProSential Group, an innovative HR, benefits and payroll services company that is transforming the marketplace with solutions designed to meet the needs of growing small to mid-sized companies.  As your ProSential Pro, we work in your local community, helping businesses grow by saving time and money while eliminating risk.

Today’s businesses, like yours, need a better, more efficient way to handle HR, benefits and payroll.  And that’s why ProSential Group was created; to offer comprehensive solutions fueled by best-in-class technology for growing businesses. 

Why Do Business with a ProSential Group Office?

Choosing a partner for your HR, benefits and payroll is an important decision. Too often, businesses default to choosing one of the giant solution providers, only to pay too much for an overly complex solution and stumble during implementation while failing to get the answers or local attention they need. ProSential Group is different.

  • We are local. Local, accountable service means you have a responsible, accessible partner who understands your specific needs because we have a strong working relationship. Because we know your company, brand, market and culture, we can bring the right solutions at the right price.
  • We simplify. Our technology, services and advice help simplify your human capital management, handle payroll efficiently, eliminate compliance risk, and move your company ahead.
  • We bring it all together. Our comprehensive approach combines payroll, HR, benefits time and attendance, and more in one automated solution that’s easy to use and manage.
  • We help you empower your employees. We help you implement new services in the way that works best for your organization.
  • We’re committed to businesses like yours. By focusing exclusively on the under-served small to mid-sized business market, we offer solutions with the right capabilities for you.
  • We save your business time and money. Our advanced but affordable solutions are designed to be cost-effective—as well as easy to implement and manage.

Learn More.

If your would like to learn more, simply have questions or need information information, please contact us at:

Benefit Advisory Group

935 Gravier Street, Suite 1610

(504) 273-5960


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