Louisiana House Bill 989 – Pending House Floor Action

Today, Louisiana House Bill 989 was passed unanimously (with some amendments) by the House Committee on Insurance and is currently pending House Floor Action.  As this piece of legislation makes its way through the legislature, I am watching closely.  I am also eagerly anticipating its passing.  I am excited about the potential impact this legislation will have on my employer clients and my relationship with them.

From 2005 to 2010, I lived in Austin, Texas.  In that time, I developed and have maintained a number of employer clients based in Texas while maintaining and growing my Louisiana-based employer clients.  In January of 2008, Texas passed HB 2015, and I was able to see first hand the positive impact that this legislation had on the small group market in particular.  For the first time, as an adviser, I was able to help my under 100-employee clients access extremely valuable claims utilization for their plans.  This information, when properly analyzed, shed some much needed light on plan utilization – giving employers additional information to evaluate alternate plan designs and funding strategies.  The results, for my clients, have been extremely positive.

I look forward to this evolution in the service and advisory role we enjoy with our employer clients.


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