Change, I Can Believe In

Change has been a constant in my life – both business and personal.  I am fortunate to generally welcome and, many times, embrace all types of change.  So, I guess my excitement about merging Hartig Moss Benefits with Eustis Benefits is not a big surprise.  But, let me try to put into perspective.

Starting HMB was a labor of love for me in many ways.  I had an opportunity to build something from nothing with a supportive partner with a long-term history in the New Orleans area.  It has been an amazingly successful 10 years – particularly thinking back on the things that have happened since we opened for business.  I have been blessed with some amazing clients and teammates.  I am truly thankful for that.

Eustis Benefits has been a respected competitor over these years.  Having known the founders and principals from my carrier days, I had a feel for their approach to the business and commitment to their customers.  In getting to know them better through our courtship, I have gained even more respect for the depth of knowledge, experience and talent of the entire Eustis Benefits team.

Looking ahead, our teams compliment each other extremely well.  My team and I are all very excited about all of the new tools and resources we will have to provide additional value-added services to our clients.  We are also extremely happy to have such experienced professionals to share ideas and strategies.

I look forward to continuing to evolve and grow in this business and to taking a leading role in its transformation over coming years.  There are tremendous inefficiencies in our current healthcare and health insurance delivery system.  I want to be part of the solution and to see what it can become.


One comment

  1. Susan Hayne · July 8, 2011

    You are the best! Congratulations. Call me 658-4146 about our lunch hopefully for next week. Can’t wait to talk to you.

    Susan Hayne

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