Healthcare Reform – The State of the Industry

Michael Bertaut, Senior Sales Intelligence Analyst from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, came into our office yesterday and gave the following presentation to a small group of our clients:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The information he shared with us is extremely timely, given the release of the new Senate bill and a weekend of President Obama’s scheduled visits to the major network news shows to discuss his health reform agenda.  As we begin to see a little clarity in what may come, it is important for us all to be prepared.

I think everyone should pay particular attention to the discussion of Community Ratings.  This is a concept that I believe the general public largely does not understand.  It is also what will probably directly impact them the most – in that it will largely determine the price of the coverage they will be required to purchase.  This is generally bad news for the healthy and young.  It also eliminates the financial incentive for healthy lifestyle choices.

The entire video is about 50 minutes.  But, it is well worth the time to gain a better understanding of what is happening and some important upcoming deadlines and their impact to business and individuals.

Here are the slides:


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