HMB 2.0 Goes Live!

HMB 2-0I am very excited to announce the launch of the new and improved Hartwig Moss Benefits website (HMB 2.0).  We are extremely proud of what we have put together (with the help of one of our long-term clients Lakeside Camera), so please take some time to visit the site and look around.  Some new features include:

  • Social Media Integration – featuring feeds from my Blog and Twitter accounts as well as quick links to LinkedIn and Facebook sites.  YouTube links (with videos from upcoming seminars/webinars and some of our other common presentations) will be coming soon.
  • Benefits Consulting Work Samples – They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is particularly true when your “work” is essentially servicing intangible products.  So, we have shared samples of our work in the 4 major phases of our client interaction – Analyze, Design, Communicate and Deliver.
  • HR & Benefits Technology Section – With new and emerging technologies hitting the markets every day, we work hard to keep current with the latest technologies available in the HR and Benefits arena.  Demos are available for everything from HR Libraries and  Web-based Surveys to HR Portals and Total Compensation Statements.
  • Individual Health Quoting Tool – With many in Congress beginning to question our current employment driven health insurance delivery system, there will be more and more focus on Individual Health Insurance.  Our newly revamped quoting engine allows users to obtain over 100 quotes from multiple health carriers in a matter of minutes.
  • Upcoming Seminar/Webinar Events – Ongoing education of employers and individuals will be extremely important as health insurance choices (as well as requirements and mandates) begin a major legislative overhaul.  We are excited to announce our Fall Seminar Series consisting of 10 seminar/webinars over the next 4 months.
  • Client Section (coming soon) – This area will feature a number of our longer terms clients.  It will describe these clients and discuss some of the challenges we have faced and results we have achieved as their servicing broker.

During these tough economic times it is extremely important to get the most value possible from all vendor relationships.  We hope that the service we provide brings the kind of value our clients and prospective clients need from their broker partner.  Don’t hesitate to call or write if you have any questions about these services and how they could impact your group.


One comment

  1. Rob Moss · September 8, 2009

    Great job with the site! Really captures the connectivity and interactive aspects of how Hartwig Moss Benefits works with its clients and others in the community. Smooth integration of content, social media tools and love the seminar series geared towards educating and informing employer groups.

    Well executed sir!

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