Further action needed to prevent the elimination of FSA and HRA plans.

(from Flex-Plan)

We want to give you an update on the announcement we sent out last week regarding the Senate Finance Committee’s proposed financing options on health care reform.  As you know, the Senate Finance Committee proposed limiting or eliminating FSAs and the tax exclusion of employer-provided health insurance.

We have received a tremendous response from our broker partners and network of 2000+ clients and we trust that our elected officials have taken notice.  Even though the May 26th deadline for official comments has passed, we urge you to continue your efforts to write to your state’s senators and the individual members of the Senate Finance Committee.

On May 12th, 2009, the Senate Finance Committee roundtable issued a 189-page document discussing all of the proposed policy changes and the rationale behind them.  We have made this document available on our web site at the link below.  Noted below are the specific pages that speak to the proposed eliminations.  We find these statements tenuous and have already provided arguments in support of the continued use of FSAs, HRAs and the employer tax exclusion on health insurance in our original response letter emailed on May 20th.

  • Elimination of tax exclusion for health insurance (pg. 53-56)
  • Elimination of FSA plans (pg. 56-58)

Click here to view a copy of the roundtable document

If you want to contact your state’s senators, please click here to find and contact your Senators.

For your convenience, we have listed all the members of the Senate Finance Committee.  Click on their names and you will be directed to their Web pages.

Name State Name State
Max Baucus MT Chuck Grassley IA
John D. Rockefeller WV Orrin G. Hatch UT
Kent Conrad ND Olympia J. Snowe ME
Jeff Bingaman NM Jon Kyl AZ
John F. Kerry MA Jim Bunning KY
Blanche L. Lincoln AR Mike Crapo ID
Ron Wyden OR Pat Roberts KS
Charles E. Schumer NY John Ensign NV
Debbie Stabenow MI Mike Enzi WY
Maria Cantwell WA John Cornyn TX
Bill Nelson FL
Robert Menendez NJ
Thomas Carper DE

We thank you for your continued support and will keep you informed of any news and changes on this important legislation.


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