Texas HB 2015: How Healthcare Transparency Can Save You Money

January 1st, 2008, the Texas Legislature passed HB 2015. This law requires all group health insurers to release claims data to the employer or group policyholder (which had previously been unavailable). Though still widely untapped, this is extremely important information for employers to have at their fingertips when contemplating any kind of plan design and/or funding changes (including partially self funding).

In an effort to provide additional support to the highly burdened small to mid-market (5 – 250 employees) fully insured employers, we are offering to complete the required Plan Amendment for HIPAA Privacy and Security, HIPAA Certification Letter by Plan Sponsor to Plan and HIPAA PHI Request to Insurance Carrier on behalf of these employer groups. We will then perform an analysis of the information we have receive as well as give some insight on how other groups are using that information to design plans that are customized to their unique risk structure without overspending on insurance.

The Texas Association of Benefit Administrators worked hard to get this bill sponsored and debated in the legislature and they have provided some very useful tools for employers to use to access this information. HB 2015 is a blueprint for every other state to duplicate, and everyone in the benefits consulting industry should promote its long-term benefits.


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