Healthcare – Around the World

To get an idea of the complexity of the healthcare discussion, take a look at what 11 other countries (France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada) have done to attempt to manage the delicate balance of cost and care for their citizens.

Article from Healthcare Economist

As our healthcare system of care begins to receive some much needed attention, it is important for us to learn as much as we can from what other countries are doing – regardless of our preconceptions. This is an important discussion about our priorities as a nation.
* What do we want to accomplish?
* What are we willing (and able) to pay?
* What incentives do we want to put in place for providers and patients?
* What are we doing right today?
* What is the most cost effective way to provide meaningful results?
* How will we promote the behavioral change we need?


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