Top Chef at Hotel Monteleone. . .

I realize that this is not necessarily my typical healthcare rant. I also realize that this is a fairly blatant plug for one of my favorite clients. But, please indulge me (no pun intended) if you will.

The Hotel Monteleone will be featured on the next episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

The “judges table portion” of the show was filmed at the Monteleone in the Queen Anne Ballroom. It will be aired next Wednesday, February 18th at 9 pm and again on February 25th. The entire episode was filmed in New Orleans…I think the cooking competition was filmed either at Commander’s Palace or Delmonico.

You should definitely take a look!


One comment

  1. Jim Stone · February 15, 2009

    Thanks for letting us know Top Chef will be filmed at the Hotel Monteleone…I know of someone that will definitely watch that episode. Wonder why the judges did not choose to sit at the rotating circus bar there?

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