HR 2.0 Presentation. . .Austin!

Last week, I was able to speak to the Austin Human Resources Management Association about the uses and impact of Social Networking Sites on Human Resources Professionals. It was a great group and a great location.

Thanks to all of those who were able to attend. It was a lively discussion. I hope everyone was able to take something from the event. I know I did.

As promised, I have included a link to the presentation (in SlideShare). Please feel free to comment and share. My apologies for any formatting errors in the SlideShare presentation. I have converted to a PDF as well. I can email it directly to anyone who is interested.



  1. Daisy Landry · January 20, 2009

    Could you please email us a copy of the HR 2.0 Presentation – Austin that you converted to PDF?

    Thank you.
    Daisy Landry
    Computer System Supervisor
    Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court

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